Project Description

Churches often have different insurance needs from regular businesses.  Veal insurance understands these differences and offers a variety of liability and property coverages from which you can choose to construct the perfect policy for your needs. While there are a lot of options, it is easy to tailor a policy that only includes the coverages your religious institution needs.

Property Coverage:  Extra Property Coverage, can automatically include lightening, wind, fire and hail, as well as many non-standard items such as:

  • Equipment Breakdown, including computers, boilers and electrical equipment.
  • Newly acquired or constructed property.
  • Personal effects and property of others.
  • Pastor’s personal property.
  • Ordinance or law.
  • Indirect Loss.

Other coverages available under the property coverage are:

  • Crime – Provides protection for money and security losses resulting from theft, employee dishonesty, and forgery and alteration.
  • Inland Marine – A broad type of insurance that covers valuable possessions that may be transported from one place to another.

General Liability Coverage
General Liability insurance covers the church’s legal liability resulting from injuries to people or damage to their property.

Church Medical
Provides primary payments for injuries occurring on your premises, and for accidents resulting from church activities away from your premises.

Liability options available:

  • Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability – Provides excess liability and medical coverage for the church should legal liability arise out of the use of a non-owned or hired auto.
  • Directors, Officers and Trustees Liability – Provides coverage for wrongful acts of church directors, officers, trustees, business administrators, and ministers.
  • Employment Practices Liability – Employment practices liability covers a church in areas relating to employment including discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment.
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability – Provides coverage that protects a church from legal liability arising from acts of sexual misconduct by a staff member or volunteer.

We also have the following medical coverages that are enhancements on policies under your general liability medical coverage:

  • Day Care and School Medical – Provides excess payments of medical expenses for accidents resulting from activities scheduled and supervised by your church or on its behalf.
  • Interscholastic Athletic Medical – Provides Excess payments of medical expenses for accidents that might result from practicing, instructing, and participating in athletic events.

Every Church is unique.  Give us a call today to find out how to get the best service, price and value.